Elastic Shoulder Straps Chest Harness With Choker

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Name: Elastic Shoulder Straps Chest Harness With Choker
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: Piotr Kopertowski
Elastic Chest Harness With Choker was made to emphasize your chest and make it bigger in the lower part. The design was made to make you feel confident, masculine and strong. Halter neck design, 6 metal O-rings, adjustable buckles closure. Ultimate stretch for comfort, creating a well-muscled look, easy to wear. This chest piece you can wear alone or on a slim fit t-shirt, under the jacket. The elastic is very stretchy so the harness will fit all.
Chest 84-138 cm / 33-54"

Care Instruction: to avoid any damages we highly recommend hand wash, gentle cycle with like colours, do not bleach with CL, do not iron.

Handmade with love and quality focus.  

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