Nylon Gay Swim Shorts

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Name: Nylon Gay Swim Shorts
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: Piotr Kopertowski

Nylon Gay Swim Shorts are made from very durable nylon that can last forever. A very simple design is timeless and on the other side very comfortable to wear. This swim shorts will last more than one season and you will look great wearing them. Great for gay pool parties, gay pride and nightclubs.
Composition: 100% Nylon, double stitches, breathable fabric.

S/M Waist 74-112 cm 29-44"
L Waist 80-118 cm 31-46"
XL Waist 84-122 cm / 33-48"

Care Instruction: to avoid any damages in nylon we highly recommend hand wash or dry clean, do not bleach with CL, do not iron.

Handmade with love and quality focus.  

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