What Do Gay Men Love So Much About Jockstraps?

You may not have spent much time thinking about it, but the jockstrap has become a staple item in the wardrobe of most gay men.

The history of this underwear may surprise you. It was first invented in 1874 by a Chicago sporting goods company called Sharp & Smith. Its designers were looking for a bespoke underwear solution for the bicycle jockeys working the cobblestone streets of Boston. The basic design of the jock-strap is fairly uniform  –  an elastic waistband to which is attached a support pouch for the cock and balls, and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip.

The original innovation of the jockstrap was that it cups and supports your genitals. This helps to protect them and keep them out of harm’s way . For example, crunched against the hard seat of your bicycle as you clatter over cobblestones on a delivery run!

The rise of the jockstrap.

The jockstrap style of underwear quickly grew in popularity and was widely adopted as a form of protection during a wide range of sports. Additional protection or guards are routinely added for sports such as cricket, fencing, and lacrosse.

The sports teams of North American schools and colleges are big enthusiasts of the jockstrap. The term ‘jock’  – commonly used in North America to refer to an athletic guy  –  emerged in the late 1950s, and comes from the jockstraps worn by sporty guys. Today the jockstrap has transcended the sports-field and has been incorporated into the everyday wardrobe of many men. There’s a huge range of styles, all with subtle variations on the traditional construction.

Its jockstraps are perfect for wearing to the gym. They provide plenty of support, are comfortable to wear, and are bound to turn a few heads in the locker-room. Of course, as well as being practical, functional, and comfortable, the jockstrap also carries with it strong sexual associations. There are a number of reasons for this:

- The fetishization of locker rooms and athletes has long been a staple of the sexual fantasies of gay men.

- The construction of the jockstrap, by definition, leaves your ass not only exposed but prominently on display.

- They’re quite convenient to wear while having sex  - it can be a real turn-on wearing a jockstrap while being penetrated by another guy.

Thongs for men

If you’re not keen to wear a jockstrap or feel that it leaves you a little exposed around the back, a thong may be the answer.

The thong can be traced back to the days of the loincloth and ancient Greek and Roman culture. It offers much of the same support as a jock, but with a strap running down between your butt checks instead of side straps. The other great appeal of a thong is that it practically eliminates VPL – otherwise known as visible panty line! As the trend these days is for guys to wear tight-fit or skinny-fit trousers, you can be confident that the only bumps your showing are the ones you’ve been working on in the gym – and not your underwear!

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