ECO-BOL™ decorate with impact!

ECO-BOL™ is the first festive decorative item that truly addresses the 3 core pillars of sustainability for a cleaner, healthier festive season – and is really nice product! Made for 100% recyclable paper material with a secret (patent pending) formula, this bauble is the first of its kind on the market that is:

- 100% free from lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, antimony, bromine, chlorine,
tin and paint solvent of which most decorative items are made from or contain
- 100% biodegradable, ECO-BOL™ breaks down over 30 days if placed in
- 100% customizable with small MOQ

Recent research and articles published (Toxic Chemicals Decorations) in the USA and Europe showed that 2/3 of decorations items tested positive to harmful chemicals and toxins linked to cancer, learning disabilities and other health problems. However there has never been a healthy non-toxic alternative solution until now… ECO-BOL™ addresses customer demands for festive solutions and aspires to be the eco-change that is needed to create impact in a decoratively tasteful manner!

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