E T H I C A L  A L T E R N A T I V E S

MAYL Wear is always looking for ethical alternatives when design products - one of Piotr’s main inputs about the role of on-demand manufacturing is that it’s simply a more ethical choice. It reduces the energy and pollution of shipping stock that will not be sold, and therefore used. It also means that, as a designer, Piotr is able to have more input into his design process as he is not pressured by seasonal deadlines in the same manner as wholesale designers.

M A D E - T O - O R D E R

We teamed up with great manufacturers around the world to produce our products and we created the smallest waste foot print possible. We have better relationships with your manufacturers - one of Piotr’s other major takeaways from on-demand model was that it had improved his relationship with manufacturers. As much as we can be transparent here, MAYL Wear experienced stronger relationships with our manufacturers as we could offer them higher-cost orders with more notice. This means that our production chain and factories do not need to engage seasonal workers to produce our products. This ensures more consistent opportunities for manufacturers, leading to more ethical hiring practices and less economic concerns over seasonal demands.

On-Demand manufacturing is a production model when goods are only made when or as they are required. In the fashion industry this is also called made-to-order. Brands will not send the quantities they need to their manufacturers until their customers have directly ordered the product.

All our t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are made in 99% after your purchase. What we could keep in small stock up to 5 pieces, are our best sellers.

F A I R  T R A D E  P R O D U C T I O N

Our elastics since mid 2020 are produced by Fair Trade company in Sri Lanka. With our local partner Selyn Exporters (PVT) Ltd we are improving social and environmental standards. Part of our profit from the products that you buy is going to educational programs for local communities about LGBT.


L E S S  W A S T A G E

As we are producing less death stock we are also committed to produce less wastage. According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, US landfills received 11.3 million tons of MSW textiles in 2018. This was 7.7 percent of all MSW landfilled product. By that we are only producing stock they have already sold. This saves on having excess product that would otherwise go to landfill and the cost of producing this stock in the first place.

H I G H E R - Q U A L I T Y  P R O D U C T S

We are committed to produce better quality products. Short explanation - the shorter lead time combined with a longer production schedule means that on-demand products are usually of better quality than their wholesale counterparts. As our brand is not following fashion season calendar MAYL Wear is releasing their collections after the products match the rigorous quality standards.


We are always trying to reduce the use of plastic in packaging to bare minimum but with maximum protection for our products. For our transportation we not-fully use biodegradable plastic yet, but we are working on it.