Agent Elastic Body Harness

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Name: Agent Elastic Body Harness
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: Piotr Kopertowski
Another type of body harness made on demand and designed by Piotr Kopertowski in soft premium quality blends of fabrics. Best-looking under gear available in our store in one size. The agent body harness is very stretchy and super comfortable. Based off and designed of a gun holster which has a masculine sex appeal.
Composition: 50% Premium blends polyester, 50% Nylon, double stitches.

Chest 82-120 cm / 32-48"
Waist Bar 62-120 cm / 24.5-48"

Care Instruction: highly recommend hand wash or dry clean, do not iron, gentle cycle with like colours, do not bleach with CL.

Handmade with love and quality focus.  

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