Bulge Enhancing Cock Ring Pack (4-pack)

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Name: Bulge Enhancing Cock Ring Pack (4-pack)

From Oxballs Meat Bulge Enhancing Cock Ring Pack whether it is for the sensation or just a little bit of more, cock rings are the perfect touches for enhancing what you are working with it, say go big or go home. Introducing the newest bulge bulking cock rings. Designed to push your junk up and away from your body making your package look heftier than ever. Perfect for filling out a tight jockstrap or your favourite painted on gear...your bulked up bulge will be sure to turn heads when they see your cock straining in your jock.

Composition: Flex Premium TPR, Silicone TPR Blend, Pure Platinum Silicone

All cock rings fits all sizes of penises.

Care Instruction: Safe with water-based lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. This product is not compatible with latex products. Store separately.

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