Dick Vitamin T-shirt

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Name: Dick Vitamin T-shirt

T-shirt is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL Sizing Chart

MAYL Wear T-shirt - Classic Style

- Our designed 100% Japanese cotton is a very durable fabric that last minimum 4-5 years with no sign of tearing or stretching
- We highly recommend to always buy a size bigger than you are normally wearing
- Standard-cut t-shirt looks great with jeans. Perfectly ironed tee looks good at parties, casual Fridays at work etc.
- Industrial rubber prints look sharp and clean
- Double sew neckband and finishes keep the shape of the t-shirt for a really long time.  
- No side stitches prevent material to twist while washing
- In a warm climate, because it is a thicker cotton, you can just start sweating faster. We wish to have a cure on that, but the quality is the priority here
- After around 100 washes you can have some marks of peeling, lower back especially
- the price, but in our defence, we know what we are producing and we are proud of it
Care Instructions
- Avoid washing white t-shirt with any other colour. This fabric is quite sensitive, so can absorb other colours quickly
- Wash in 30, cold wash or even hand wash is the best. You will prevent damages to the print. Iron on the left side mid-temperature

S Chest 98 cm / 38.5", Length (back) 67 cm / 26.5", Sleeve Length 19 cm / 7.5"
M Chest 104 cm / 40.5", Length (back) 69 cm / 27", Sleeve Length 20 cm / 7.8"
L Chest 108 cm / 42.5", Length (back) 72 cm / 28.3", Sleeve Length 23 cm / 9"
XL Chest 112 cm / 44", Length (back) 78 cm / 30.5", Sleeve Length 24 cm / 9.5"
XXL Chest 118 cm / 46.5", Length (back) 80 cm / 31.5", Sleeve Length 26 cm / 10"

Champion T-shirt - Oversized Style

- 100% Heavyweight cotton is something that you will feel while wearing this tee. It's thick and will keep you warm almost like a sweatshirt
- Wide bound ribbed crew neck prevents unnecessary stretches while parting
- Comfortable and oversized cut with long sleeves, it is a great combination for active people and those who just want to cuddle on the sofa and watch some movies
- Champion label inside and on the left sleeve (round small patch)
- Detailed ink print on Champion tee looks good. Some of you may like it some not. If the budget is not a problem we highly recommend to buy our Japanese cotton t-shirt. Also, the tee can have short cotton moss. It won't damage the quality of the print or cotton itself but just looks different
- Lower price
- This is a super thick tee, very durable but not ideal for the extreme long activity. You will feel great by wearing it in AC spaces
- Side stitches
Care Instructions
- The black t-shirt you can wash with other colours. This fabric is less sensitive in absorbing other colours but still please don't wash white with black garments.
- Cold wash 30, on low spin, will prevent the fabric from damages and twisting
- Iron on the left side mid-temperature

Chest 101 cm / 40", Length (back) 66 cm / 26", Sleeve Length 45 cm / 18"
M Chest 118 cm / 44", Length (back) 71 cm / 28", Sleeve Length 48 cm / 19"
Chest 122 cm / 48", Length (back) 76 cm / 30", Sleeve Length 50 cm / 20"
XL Chest 132 cm / 52", Length (back) 78 cm / 31", Sleeve Length 55 cm / 22"
XXL Chest 142 cm / 56", Length (back) 81 cm / 32", Sleeve Length 58 cm / 23"

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