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Donut 2 fatty cockring

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Name: Donut 2 fatty cockring
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: OXBALLS

Donut 2 fatty pushes what you got up and out, forces your ballsack forward…plumps up your meat, our thickest, strongest jelly-ring gets you boned and keeps you hard. At Oxballs, we’re major crotch-watchers, always checking out a guy’s bulge - and showing off what we got, we wear cock rings all day and night. Donut 2 fatty makes your junk look bigger, keeps your meat rock-solid. It’s tight enough and strong enough for a lot of play. This one larger and thicker than Donut 1. It’s a fatty that will give you a major chub. Atomic Jock makes quality stuff and priced so you can keep one ready to use everywhere you go. It stretches 5x its size but snaps back to its original shape, made from our exclusive flex TPR, unlike most Jelly rings, ours is tough will last - it’s super strong and has incredible stretch and amazing feel.

Composition: Flex Premium TPR

Size chart - cm/inch

Outside diameter:
1.5/0.6  /  1 oz.
Care Instruction: clean gently with a warm water with soap.
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