House After Party Cockring Pack

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Name: House After Party Cockring Pack (5-pack)

Sex is a sport. Competitive, sweaty, aggressive, and soaked in Testosterone. This pack cockrings box is built for rough hard-muscled sex, hard crunch powerlifting grunting hit the wall spike it in the end-zone sex. This pack is a mix of light weight-tight enough cockrigns to keep your fuck-muscle hard, but super stretchy to keep your nuts in play. Made by Atomic Jock of skin flex blend a resilient non-toxic super plastic that stretches 8X it’s the original size and snaps back into shape every time. Powerballs or Screwballs cockrings, this will be your new favourite.

Composition: Flex Premium TPR, Silicone TPR Blend, Pure Platinum Silicone

All cockring fits all sizes of penises.

Care Instruction: Safe with water-based lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. This product is not compatible with latex products. Store separately.

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