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Humpballs cockring

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Name: Humpballs cockring
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: OXBALLS

Humpballs is everything you loved about the original but it’s softer, squishier, and even more durable than before. Each Humpballs cock ring is designed so it doesn’t roll or tug on your pubes (good news for you hairy fuckers out there…) and best of all; Humpballs is made from our super soft skinflex TPR so it’s made for comfortable extended wear and use. Humpballs is blubbery and softer than all those cheap jelly cockrings out there, no need to worry about it pinching your taint or strangling the hell outta your junk. Humpballs are also great for nut stretchin’, stack ‘em on your sack and see just how low you can make your sweaty ballbag swing. Feels just like a firm grip gently tuggin’ on your boys. The sick lookin’ nut shape looks hot as fuck wrapped tight around a veiny swollen dong or stacked on a beefy pair of bullnuts. No stretchy sex toy will last forever, but Humpballs will outlast most cheap jelly rings. Plump your cock, pump his hole, dump your load.

Composition: SkinFlex Premium TPR

Size chart - cm/inch

Outside/Inside circumference
12.7/5  /  6.35/2.5
Care Instruction: clean gently with a warm water with soap.
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