Master Series Spades Anal Beads

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Name: Master Series Spades Anal Beads

Spades XL Anal Beads Black. This extra large set of anal beads are spade-shaped for added sensation. Flexible yet firm, the slick material inserts easily. The O-ring handle makes for easy and quick removal, as each flared bead passes out of you, you will feel an incredible jolt of sensation. Tapered for easy insertion, these super-sized beads will maximize your anal experience.

Composition: Material Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, antibacterial, non-toxic formula, latex-free, cadmium free.
Total Lenght 31.75 cm / 12.5", Anal Balls Diameter 4.45 cm / 1.75"

Care Instruction: Safe with water-based, silicone lubes. This product is not compatible with Latex products. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. Store separately.

Handmade with love and quality focus. 

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