Metal backpack /anti-theft/

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Name: Metal backpack /Anti-theft/
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: Piotr Kopertowski
The metal backpack is perfect for everyday activities. Simple and cool shape design reminds you of diamond cuts. Designed by Piotr Kopertowski. Spacious with main space and straps to keep your devices in right place.
Composition: Hard aluminium, soft handle, straps inside can keep a laptop 15.6 inch, 11mm earphone hole on the side, anti-impact and corrosion resistance surface.
Size chart – cm

50 x 32 x 20

*Please all the sizes can be slightly different. Keep in mind to +/- 1-2cm
*Product may differ slightly from online image due to image grading and garment size
Care Instruction: clean with a wet cotton cloth and warm water
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