Renaissance wallpaper slides

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The renaissance slides in a light weight and sturdy rubber that is made to withstand everyday wear. What makes our slides especially comfortable is the massaging contours of the the "RPL" foam footbed, which is designed to massage your feet as you walk and add relief to your feet after wearing sneakers or shoes. The best, smoothest, best-looking slides available in our store available in different sizes.

Fabric. Premium Rubber that is made to withstand everyday wear. The strap is made of a soft lycra that is made to resist abrasion and can be adjusted with velcro so you have a perfect and smooth fit. Modern design, high-finish product. 


6 5.5-6 / 37-38
7 6.5-7 / 39-40
8 7.5-8 / 41
9 8.5-9 / 42
10 9.5-10 / 43
11 10.5-11 / 44
12 11.5-12 / 45
13 12.5-13 / 45-46

14 12-15 / 47-48
16 16-18 / 49

*Most of the slides does not have half sizes. In the case that you are a half size, always round up. For example, if you are a size 11.5, your size we recommend would be a size 12.

Care Instructions.

Wash under cold water, gently clean with a cotton cloth. Do not bleach. 


Purchased product may differ slightly from online image due to image grading and t-shirt size.