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Petrov's dick

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Name: Petrov /Moscow boy/
Brand: MAYL Addiction
Designer: Kopertowski Studio
Petrov’s dick made from dual density silicone so you get a soft, fleshy layer that covers a firm inner layer. The real deal of big Russian boy. Designed by Kopertowski Studio it’s the closest to the real thing we’ve seen. A nice range of sizes lets you pick the one that will do you just right. On the bottom of it, you have a suction cup. Made from premium PVC material that feels life-like in texture. Moulded directly from a hard cock giving you a super realistic experience every time.
Composition: Premium PVC, molded from hard cock, dark chocolate color, suction cup for better riding.
Size chart - cm/inch

Total 21.8/8.58
Total 4.3/1.7
Care Instruction: clean gently with a warm water with soap.
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