Sexy Fine Mesh Tassels G-String Thong

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Name: Sexy Fine Mesh Tassels G-String Thong

Sexy Fine Mesh Tassels Thong G-String is very iconic and super sexy to wear at hot night gay parties. The garment is partly hand-stitched with a low-rise waistband. The softest, smoothest, best-looking underwear for those who like to feel adrenaline and self-pleasure between other guys in the club.
Composition: 60% Premium polyester blends40% others, softer feel. Elastic waistband, open butt and low rise, stretchy fabric, soft and comfortable to wear.

Waist 58-100 cm / 23-39"

Care Instruction: highly recommend hand wash or dry clean, do not iron, gentle cycle with like colours, do not bleach with CL.

Handmade with love and quality focus.  

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