The Classic overcoat

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Name: The Classic overcoat
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: Piotr Kopertowski
Classic coat made on demand and designed by Piotr Kopertowski in soft premium quality blends of fabrics, polyesters. The softest, best-looking coat available in our store in different sizes and colors. Great for Autumn/Winter weather. 

Composition: 37% Premium Japanese cotton, 60% Premium blends polyester preshrunk, 3% others, softer feel and no pilling, double stitches, breathable fabric, extra thick for warmth.
Size chart - cm

S/M 102
L 106
XL 110
XXL 114
S/M 114
L 116
XL 118
XXL 120

*Please all the sizes can be slightly different. Keep in mind to +/- 1-2cm
*Product may differ slightly from online image due to image grading and garment size
Care Instruction: to avoid any damages in premium Japanese cotton and eco print we highly recommend hand wash or dry clean, mid-iron 100C, gentle cycle with like colors, do not bleach with CL, iron on the left side.
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