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X-Stretch cocksling

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Name: X-Stretch cocksling
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: OXBALLS

X-Stretch version adds more squeeze to your sack. It grips the base of your dick and balls while pushing your nuts down low in their ball-bag. It’s sleek and super stretchy but with an extra inch of rubbery ball stretching. OxBalls invented the original cocksling and nuttsling. This fucker works the same way but it's slimmer and fits better with no extra bulk. Nothing feels like a “sling” on your dick—it feels just like when you grip the base of your meat and balls with your hand and squeeze, not tight like a cockring, it grips all of your junk…and this version stretches your nuttsack too! There’s an inner ring near the bottom that keeps your balls, (even high and tight ones), pushed down…and it's squishy enough it’ll fit even huge ball-sacks. If you're the kinda guy who is into full-on junk fuckin', this cocksling is perfect for slippin' your whole package (balls and all) up a sloppy fuckhole. Made from our exclusive TPR blend, it's non-toxic, phthalate free, and no scent. Our blend feels like the best silicone but stretches further.

Safe with any lube, but always wash your toys in warm soapy water after use and store separate from your other toys - they will last longer, (and wash your junk as well) We recommend wrapping smaller toys in a bandanna or storing dildos in a clean cotton gym sock.

Composition: Flex Premium TPR

Size chart - cm/inch

Total Lenght:
Cock/Ball opening circumstance:
2.9/1.1  /  2.5/1
2 oz.
Care Instruction: clean gently with a warm water with soap.
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