The idea of my brand came up with frustration. Since my entire life before I opened my brand there was one thing that bothers me a lot… cheap quality t-shirts from fast fashion brands. They twist, the label after few washes left holes in garments, they were turning yellow when you sweat, and they were made from polyester.
Personally, I hate polyester, it is a not comfortable material to wear especially in warm climate but from any brand perspective it is a cheap to produce fabric, so that’s why many new brands and big fashion companies are reaching for it.

I wanted to change it…

And I think I did it… After 4 years of having my brand, I’m proud of what I achieved. I made my brand sustainable; items are produced when the order is made decreasing almost to zero company wastage. MAYL Wear t-shirts are produced from high-quality Japanese cotton and trade marked together with Champion fabrics that are thick and very comfortable to wear. Produced in tube method sewing machine, Japanese t-shirts don’t have side stitches. It prevents fabric to twist after wash. Same quality you will find also in my sweatshirts and hoodies.
Toys in collaborating with different brand and design some of them are made from non-toxic materials and are super safe in use. They are also certified and manufactured in the US. They are tested by me and my ambassadors! All the items that are shipped to my clients are always going thought my hands to see if they are produced with quality that I would like to get if I’m buying something from other brands.

I describes my clients as young, kinky that love bold stuff. They are aslo outdoor clothing lovers... They’re very confident and unfazed by trends and wear what they want, how they want. They talk about sex everywhere and as me don't have a filter of what to say. Honestly, they don't care what others think about them. They will wear a dick t-shirt for a family dinner and that will be okay.

If you have any question that bothers you or you would like to have a chat I’m available for all my clients under this email



 Zero Waste Commitment and Local Support.

We are not a 'fast fashion' brand and we cherish sustainability. We figured it out a great way of production - your item is made after your order. We have zero inventory and we’re implementing the most sustainable practices available to us to ensure we’re reducing to the best of our ability.

We love to support local small manufactures and communities. You can send us back your old t-shirts and in return you will receive a discount for your future purchase. We will recycle them, or we will donate them to the poorest communities in Sri Lanka. For more information about out programs contact us at