MAYL Wear - 'Make art your life'

MAYL Wear™ is a concept brand. Created by Polish visual graphic designer Piotr Kopertowski in 2015. The brand is a creative platform for exhibiting his original artworks and designs as limited editions of wearable prints and high-quality products. 

Since 2015, Piotr's clear vision for MAYL Wear was to be able to offer something that emphasized quality, sustainability and ethical responsibility. His commitment to quality is what drives MAYL Wear forward with each release; never settling for the baseline set by our peers, we strive to create the best of the best.


Our clothing is conceptually a wearable canvas, displaying prints and artworks as a fabric edition. We use high quality printing methods and cotton and sewing to produce items that faithfully represent Piotr Kopertowski's artworks. His passion, skills and attention to details appears in all the items you can see on the website.


The method of producing the garments behind Piotr Kopertowski’s vision combines technological advancements. MAYL Wear produces unique pieces, made after each order minimizing carbon footprint to almost zero.

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The founder and designer

Piotr Kopertowski

The Founder and Creative Director Piotr Kopertowski has a vast knowledge in visual design and marketing; having worked with leading International clients: Hong Kong based Bbase International Design Group, Garmon Chemicals (Kemin Group) from the US, TWC Investment Banking from Sri Lanka, Purearth from India and many more. His passion for creating high quality goods came from his profession as graphic designer, and this is where he decided to open his brand MAYL Wear in 2015. He developed sustainable model of production on demand in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka with the ability to produce one piece per item.

Career highlights include having successfully launch a Kickstarter campaign for Hong Kong fashion brand SoL: SelfWear™, it was fully funded 25 000 USD in the first 24 hours (205% at the end - 52,975 USD). As M.A. Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) student his work for Microsoft Design EXPO 2019 and the project "Designing for Empathy", end up being in semi-finals from 10 best universities around the world.

Beside having senior roles within visual design and working as freelancer Senior Visual Designer – UI/UX Artist, Piotr always been involved in many projects to ensure future or current brands look engaging and professional. His work relay on long-term relationships, constantly improving and following trends.

His work is unusual, brave, and conceptual mixed with passion and extreme attention to detail.

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