MAYL Wear x Bob Mizer Foundation

MAYL Wear is pleased to bring you a collection created by the founder of MAYL Wear Piotr Kopertowski in partnership with Bob Mizer Foundation, highlighting the work of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Through this collection, MAYL brings to light works that were ‘illegal' during Bob’s time. Mizer’s earliest black and white photographs appeared in 1945, but his career was catapulted into infamy in 1954 when he was convicted of the unlawful distribution of obscene material through the US mail. The material in question was a series of black and white photographs, taken by Mizer, of young bodybuilders wearing what were known as posing strap - a precursor to the g-string.  At the time, male near-nudity was not only frowned upon but illegal.


The Bob Mizer Foundation, Inc. believes that the most disputed works of art are the most important to the progress of society.

Our mission is driven by the need to preserve Bob Mizer's archives, which include over one million photographic works, and his equipment, props, sets, and remaining personal effects. In addition, the foundation holds works by some of Mizer's contemporaries and successors, including George Quaintance, Bruce Bellas, and Dave Martin, and exhibits photographic shows by artists producing works that visually, politically, or otherwise push mainstream societal boundaries.

MAYL Wear would like to announce that together with Bob Mizer Foundation we will be supporting the foundation with part of the proceeds from this collection benefiting the Foundation’s non-profit activities. If you would like to know more about the Bob Mizer Foundation, you can visit their website or Vimeo

We proud to have created something truly special bringing the past to the present day, and we hope you will enjoy buying and wearing the pieces.