Few tips and restrictions on how to care about Japanese cotton garments and how to keep the quality of our print in a good state.

A L W A Y S  H A N D  W A S H

We recommend that you wash your tee shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie inside out, by hand, at 30˚C max. If your washing machine has a hand-wash program setting, you can use this. We know that hand wash can take time but if you are spending on a t-shirt 70+ USD it's worth to do it. The life of our Japanese cotton fabric and quality of the prints can stay in really good shape for 3-4 years. Do not bleach or tumble dry. You should wash the apparel with similar colours, and line dry. When ironing the tee, please iron inside out with a low temperature.

W H A T  C A N  H A P P E N  I F  Y O U  D O N ' T  C A R E

Print can be damaged in a few different ways. Too high speed and the metal surface of any washing machine drum can cause pilling of the graphic and also temperature above 30C can cause melting.

Ironing on the wrong side with high temperature can rip apart the graphic.

Our digital prints are made with the highest quality standards, even after 4 years of having a t-shirt the print still looks good. You can see small stretch marks caused by constant washing.