P R I N T  M E T H O D  A N D  Q U A L I T Y  A T  M A Y L  W E A R

Rubber transfer printing made on Japanese cotton garments is a heat printing method in which material is applied to paper (or some other material) by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied. Our rubber thermal transfer is a high-quality process. We developed it under strict conditions to keep the highest-quality in graphics. As you can see below the print does not contain the fabric texture, the edges are sharp and colour white on black fabrics stays white.

Digital printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto fabrics. It is a completely different method than rubber transfer printing... so where is the difference? In this case, ink is absorbed by the fabric and gaining its texture. In some cases, the graphic can lose a bit of its sharpness and clearness, and white colour ink because is absorbed by the fabric can change the brightness. The sharpness can be caused also by the method of how the fabric is weaved. Some garments are having moss on top of the fabric and grainy texture (called raw cotton). It can cause but its very natural process the edges of the graphic to be a bit smudged in the process of print. 

If you have more question about the quality of print please send us an email at info@maylwear.com