Shopper in Pride Colors, Natural Sundried - Palmera Leaf, Lacquer Finish

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Natural sundried Palmera leaf Shopper in Pride colors is made from 100% palm leaves harvested in Sri Lanka under the sun and later hand-weaved by the local community that MAYL Wear support. It takes around 36 hours to color the leaves, dry them up, and wave the bag.

Features lacquer finish on both sides (outside and inside) to prevent Palmera leaf to get molded. The lacquer is giving the leaf a bit of water resistance. In the situation when the basket will get wet please put the bag in a dry place and wipe it with a dry cloth. You can use your hairdryer to make it dry faster. On a sunny day, you can leave it in the sunrays! 

This item because of the size will be shipped by Standard Post. Pre-order time varies between 15-20 days.

SIZE (+/- 1-2 cm)
Height (without the handle) cm / inch 29 / 11.5
Height (with the handle) cm / inch 50 / 19.5
Width cm / inch 45 / 17.5
Width cm / inch 28 / 11
Color: Pride

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