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Sprocket cockring

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Name: Sprocket cockring
Brand: MAYL Wear
Designer: OXBALLS

Sprocket cock ring is made from all new material, it feels “blubbery” squishy… but elastic enough to squeeze your junk and keep you super-hard — it will not dig into your flesh like other cock rings. OxBalls tested this cock ring on everyone they could find, porn-boys that “shoot” for Titan, Go-Go boys here in LA, wet underwear contests and of course a lot of one-on-one product testing. It’s strong and super stretchy, rubbery enough it doesn’t choke your balls till they're blue…it just fits…after our last photo-shoot, the guys that wore this cock ring grabbed handfuls for their personal use and knowing what sluts they are I’m sure a lot of you have seen ‘em in use up close already. If you like OxBalls original Humpballs cock ring, (our tighter fit cock ring - keeps the blood-flow all in your dick and you rock hard), you'll drip over Sprocket - bigger, thicker, and you can wear it longer because it fits right and feels so good for stroking or long fuck. OxBalls… where sucking dick IS market research.

Composition: Soflex Premium TPR

Size chart - cm/inch

Total Height:
Inside/Outside circumference:
6.9/2.75  /  14.6/5.75
Care Instruction: clean gently with a warm water with soap.
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